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Hypnosis Coaching Preparation for your Wedding Day
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By Aisling O'Donoghue
Whitebeam Hypnotherapy Carlow
Your wedding day, one of the most wonderful days of your life, picture perfect, so why is it that the run up to your big day can often be one of the most stressful periods of your life for both brides and grooms. The wedding party often suffer from stress and anxiety having to worry about their responsibilities on the day. Brides and bridesmaids concerned about walks up the aisle, people maybe having to deal with other people they don't always get along with and of course the best man or woman having to make a speech and all the worries that may bring them, can take from the enjoyment of all the wedding preparations.

Another thing that people don't talk about is how relationships can suffer, the "special couple" are feeling frazzled and might even bicker with each other over things that would not normally faze them at all. Bridesmaids and the brides to be might feel tension amongst themselves, perhaps fears and stresses come between them, people do their best to hide small tensions but when expectations and reality clash squabbles can erupt from no where. Maybe you're worried about the best mans speech and aren't sure how to approach him about it.

So what can you do to ensure that things keep on track, how can you help ensure that the most special people in your life enjoy the wedding day as much as you would all love to.

This is where Whitebeam Weddings hypnosis coaching comes in; I can offer you solutions to many of the issues that may arise on the run up to your wedding using hypnotherapy. With hypnosis you can programme your subconscious mind to relax, to trust yourself or to help you get over the fear of the unknown, hypnosis can help you feel more organised and in control. Here is a small selection of the programmes that Whitebeam Weddings with Hypnotherapy cover for your wedding.



"When you wake up in your bed on the morning of your wedding day - you stretch out your arms and embrace the good feelings that are all around you - remember the old song - love is in the air - and you can feel and experience the magic of those words - and you're amazed at how calm, relaxed and content you feel" - contact me today to book an appointment for relaxation on the run up to your big day, don't let things get on top of you, take the time out, have a couple of hours of hypnotherapy to help you to relax, you can have one session or have a few if that's what is required, go home with a recording and listen as often as you like .. you will be the most serene, content and happy bride on your wedding day.

Water is wet, grass is green,

& the Groom is a Grand Strong powerful man with the world at his feet
Imagine yourself experience a new and healthy energy, an energy that helps you to accomplish all that you need to do. For a moment, just reflect on all the positive aspects of yourself, your creativity, your intelligence, your talent being you. - don't be an ostrich, if things are getting irritating if you feel your buttons are being pushed and you're wanting to bang your head of the wall or explode stop right there, make an appointment for hypnotherapy, you can dump all your stress in hypnosis, you can find your happy man place, you can get back to normal and charge your batteries, ready to get back to yourself.

Best Man Speech

Imagine yourself giving your speech, you see yourself confident, very confident. You are certain of your ability, very certain. You are certain in your voice, you are relaxed, you have perfect timing. People are interested in what you have to say. People notice you and how confident you are. Your speech flows with ease, all your words flow easily. - ok so you have been putting it on the long finger, it was brilliant to be asked to be your dudes best man until you remembered about the speech, only the thoughts of it and your palms are sweating, you don't even want to think about writing the speech never mind saying it, ok relax, help is at hand. With hypnotherapy you can get this job done, you can get organised and on your buddies big day you will enjoy yourself.

Wedding Group Hypnosis

This is a wonderful and dynamic session available for the wedding party, invite the main people along to this wedding team building session, you will learn some relaxation skills together, it's a great time to connect and chill, no words required. This is a great occasion for all the different energies of the group to resonate and become in sync, on the wedding day itself a reconnection will happen and you will discover that you seem to know what each other need with very little communication. I can come along to your venue of choice for this as appropriate in the run up to the wedding.

Love & Sparkle

It's all about love love love .. a wonderful session for the engaged couple to do together .. this session as with all the others can be tailor made to suit the personalities, we can create a hypnosis session that encapsulates the love the couple have for each other and re connects them with the magic and sparkle of their relationship pre wedding machine and management of such an important event.
Aisling O'Donoghue
Wedding Preparation Hypnotherapist
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Disclaimer - these hypnotherapy sessions are not intended to treat or diagnose any problems or issue, they are for relaxation purposes. If you have any concerns that you should not be getting married please consult a marriage guidance counselor, marriage is a legally binding contract and should not be undertaken lightly.